• Wide ranging success as a performer, as conductor, singer and organist, and proven ability to enthuse and inspire both individuals and members of choirs, orchestras and audiences.
  • Over forty years experience as a choir director in a wide range of contexts, both secular and religious, and successful leadership of choristers of all ages.

Noel Ancell
  • Successful managerial involvement in arts administration in a variety of organisations, particularly in restructuring and raising standards, and the artistic leadership of both professional and amateur performing groups.
  • Extensive studio experience of individual voice teaching, supported by recent training in the techniques of vocal pedagogy.
  • Over thirty years of experience as a successful teacher and curriculum developer at all levels of education.
  • Administrative and staff leadership experience, at senior levels of academic institutions, arts organisations, union and political organisations and business.
  • A sizeable number of choral compositions and arrangements which are frequently performed in Australia and North America.